WELL. Today is recon day for me. I went to Duluth on Friday to make use of UMD’s library, but I TOTALLY forgot about how bad the storm tore up Minnesota and it was closed. How stupid of me. Had fun out in the field ill post pictures later! I’m sure you can read my other teammates post about hunting for worms today. So far I have about 8 books and a couple of articles to go over. decided to stay in Duluth Wed-Friday to get all of my Law research done.


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About Crystal

I wanted to be a graphic design artist since I was 12 years old. Until I was a junior in high school; when I realized even though I may love art and it is my forte it won't help my people in the way I want. I realized going to school to become an educated artist was kind of really selfish. I love my people and I'm sick of the injustices we still face today. Law has always intrigued me and law is the new battlefield.

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