Team Stream – Manoomin 2022

Participants: Maudesty Merino, CJ McLemore, Antawnna Berthelote

Mentors: Mike Dockry, Emily Green, Sirena Torres, Sarah Dance, Gigi Voss

Group photo:

CJ’s Project:

Dance works alongside Dr. Cara Santelli on the biogeochemistry aspect of the Manoomin project. Their work involves:

-Preparing materials for and executing 2022 geochemical fieldwork.

-Processing 2021 samples in the lab.

-Interpreting 2021 geochemical data for project partners.


Antawnna’s Project:

Sirena works with Dr. Dan Larkin on researching the climate change impacts on wild rice seed germination.

From Sirena: “she will assist with vegetation surveys across several different water bodies. The surveys would include plant identification, assessing wild rice stalk density, as well as helping others with water and sediment sampling.


Maudesty’s Project:

Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions
I will analyze these interactions with measurements from stream gauges and piezometers, at a watershed in Wisconsin.