Team Stream – Groundwater 2022

Participants: Anna Klein, Darren Olney, Eric Chaides

Mentors: Judy Yang, Michael Chen, Peter Kang

Posters and Story Maps

Anna Klein

Anna’s Story Map

Eric Chaides

I have been working in the Saint Anthony Falls (SAFL) Rainmaker Lab and Tate Hall Lab on preparations for his Mountain Builder experiments. This involves literature review of papers on similar lab experiments on karren topography as well as designing and gathering materials to upgrade equipment for the experiments.

The Rainmaker has been experiencing technical problems, and we need to ensure the laser and camera will function so we can have consistent measurements of changes in the surface of the gypsum plaster.

Overall, I am enjoying the work environment at the labs. I feel that the contrast between the clean, modern look of Tate Lab and more cave-like ruggedness of the Rainmaker lab at SAFL will provide me with diverse lab experiences. 

I’ve made a few expeditions out to the Mississippi river bank in my free time. I found some cool rocks and some exposed limestone beds. Seeing the nature of the area is helping me connect my project to reality, as this area is underlain with rock that can be dissolved similarly to the rock used in Rainmaker. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Minneapolis and the University!

Me next to the might Mississippi at the U of M

Eric’s Story Map

Darren Olny