Staying indoors for today….

Did everybody have a great weekend? My weekend was ok.  Well, we are going to learn how to make our own map through the GIS program, from the waypoints that we have been taking for the last week. This should be interesting, since I have never heard of GIS before this internship. But I am finding out that this program can do all sorts of stuff. We got an overview today, we start tomorrow.  Map making, I don’t know if this will fly. Maybe I’ll crash and burn this map making thing. Have a great day….

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About atheena2020

Boozhoo to anybody reading this, my name is not atheena2020 it's just Anita, I like what the name represents for me. Anyhoo, I just graduated from the Leech Lake Tribal College, looking forward to going on with my education in environmental science. I'm transferring to a four-year institution to finish. This is my very first time blogging, so I feel a bit awkward. I really don't have a lot to say, I'm mostly a boring and nerdy person. And P.s., I do not have a profile picture yet. If you haven't already noticed. Well this is about it. Have a great day.

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