Getting started in Montana

This is our team , Team SPAW atour visit to Kerr Dam.

This is our team , Team SPAW at our visit to Kerr Dam.

We learned allot about the area we are in the first week here, and the many challenges that the tribes here face in their efforts to reestablish control of their reservation lands that were lost to homesteading act in the early 1900’s. I am amazed at the beauty Nature has to offer here, as I stand in one of the coolest places on earth. This place is where the Glacial Lake Missoula was formed and released many times in the Great Missoula Floods of the last Ice age. I come from Yakima Washington where the Scab Lands were formed from the many occurrences of this great geological event. We also learned allot about creating wetlands and the management of those areas as they develop into very diverse areas of biological activity.

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