Air Boat Friday!

20140711_115133Friday morning Team Zaagi’igan was able to spend some time closely examining the flora and fauna of Big Lake  on the Fond-Du-Lac reservation from the reservations very own Air Boat.  This beast has a 560 horsepower, supercharged, GM LS 2 from a Corvette.

Cord from Resource Management took us out on the boat and gave us a tour of the lake where we were able to see the Minnesota State Bird the Common Loon and it’s baby. For Lunch Charlie also from Resource Management came by and cooked us his version of a wild rice supper using blueberries and bacon, Delicious! After lunch Charlie instructed us on how to make conventional rice knockers using the traditional material, Cedar. We did end up making some decent knocking sticks but not before leaving a big mess in the cabin.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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