Team Spaw

Non Virtual Team:



Students Lori and Zanti have been working hard virtually on their projects. This summer, they will be storytellers of two different water issues going on in the Flathead Valley in Montana. They will read and understand articles and papers and spend weeks doing research behind their computers about these issues and their cultural sensitivity. They will put their findings into each of their StoryMaps, translating the time consuming and complicated research into a compelling, bite-size story as a learning resource for the community.

Virtual Team:

My project is centered around Finley Point, some of the largest intact wetlands on Flathead Lake in Montana. Wetlands on the Lake have greatly eroded, mostly due to the effect of Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Dam (originally known as Kerr Dam). Wetlands prevent flooding, improve water quality, store carbon, provide a habitat for a multitude of wildlife, and much more. In addition to their environmental importance, they are culturally significant to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT). My job this summer is to learn how to restore and preserve them and to use community outreach through StoryMaps to inform and inspire the public.