One Fish. Two Fish…GIANT fish


On today’s adventure, we were able to meet the fabulous Nancy Schudlt. She is a kind lady who gave us an awesome tour of the Fond Du Lac Reservation, where I will be working with this summer.

This guy down here is Fred. He is a giant Sturgeon ( a native fish to Minnesota or Tiny-sota as I like to call it). Some cool facts, it takes female sturgeons 30 years to be ready to mate and 20 years for the males! CRAZY, right? Fred here is probably about 50 to 60 years old. This coming Monday, we will get to see baby sturgeons be released into the wild! Keep ya’ll posted!Giant Fish.jpg

Peace, Love, Tacos



The Attack of Loki

Today we went out to the field to perform field work for our research project. The group was doing cool, science stuff, like sticking needles into bottles to help create a vacuum like area. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw what could potentially be the love of my life. There he was, a cute, little puppy running full speed into the field. He was full of life, joy and puppy cuteness.

We did what any REU student/scientist would do. We took a 10 minute puppy break. After taking our break, we returned to do science! We had our trusty side-kick Loki (don’t worry he switched sides to become a good guy and help save the world). There were a couple of struggles with setting up the experiment, but we were able to prepare and get it started to start collecting data the next day.



Peace, Love, Tacos



The Great Beginning

June 11th came by a lot faster than expected. I packed up my things and headed to the great city of Minneapolis, MN. The ride was rough, my airplane hit a huge amount of turbulence, but once we passed it, I could see the great city below.

It was a hectic, but enjoyable week. We were blessed enough to spend two days with students at the Cloquet Forestry Center. We participated in helping them classify rocks, perform science experiments with the lake and enjoyed numerous, delicious, meals.  After the camp experience, it was time to say goodbye.

The REU team dropped off the Duluth REU team (which is my group) in, well, Duluth. I was able to explore UMD Civil Engineering Center where my research will be happening. I must say it is AMAZING. We were given a tour of the lab and then taken to the field lab where I saw different insect species, our lab specimens and some pretty flowers.