erin bell

hello. i’m erinbell, a euro-settler student in the natural resource department at Salish Kooteani College, in pablo, MT.

our fabulous team SPAW ’22 – with logan w., me, noah v., + phil r.

my summer research is an iteration of a project that began with professor georgia smies, with students mariah durglo and victoria white.

working, also, with the CSKT wetlands department,
this summer i am exploring differences in carbon stock between created depressional wetlands, with historic depressional wetlands.

one hope i have is that carbon data can help support preservation efforts. as well, i hope that the work we do together will help update wetland mitigation policy to include carbon sequestration within their definition of ‘wetland functionality’.

if all goes well, i will have the opportunity to continue this research with a team from the CSKT natural resource department. we will continue to research relationships between wetlands and carbon entrainment, in a way that serves CSKT’s current work.

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