Claire McHenry

Team Stream – Bdote

I am a senior geology student at Macalester College with an interest in utilizing remote sensing techniques to understand landscape and vegetation changes across the world. My interests are vast, though, and range from structural geology to architecture to urban geography. In the near future, I plan to attend graduate school and study environmental or geotechnical engineering with a research emphasis on soil mechanics or foundational engineering with a focus on mitigating construction site pollution. I am looking forward to exploring remote sensing, microtopography, soil moisture content, soil nutrients, and tree growth at Bdote on Team Stream this summer.

Outside of academics, I enjoy being athletic and active. During the summer, I like to pass my time by paddle boarding or kayaking on lakes, hiking in the mountains or prairies, or reading my book in a nice grass field or meadow. At school I am a member of the Macalester softball team and I love working out with my teammates during the academic year. Besides athletics, I crochet, draw, paint, and practice my bagpipes.

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