Christopher Villarruel

Chum.un.sun.wee! My name is Chris Villarruel. I am a member of Team Stream- Manoomin this summer. This fall I will be going into my 7th semester of my undergraduate degree . My girlfriend and I both attend college together and will be graduating together. Our sons names are Talon (12), and Cirrus (5).

When we get away from school we like going outdoors and camping, hiking, and fishing. There is plenty of outdoor stuff to do living by the ocean for the past. I enjoy reading books about indigenous history. I am from the tribes of Madesi, Ajumawi, and Atsuge from my Pit River side, but also Miwok and a bit of Ojibwe. My father is from down south by way of what is known as Mexico today.

In the summer of 2019 I worked for Redwoods Rising at Patrick’s Point State Park. Redwoods Rising is one of the largest forest restoration projects in the west. Our goal was to set a aerially seeded Doug-fir plantation back to old growth redwood conditions.

In the summer of 2020 I worked for Hoopa Tribal Forestry through an internship from Salish Kootenai Tribal College. Through the internship I worked under the tribes Tanoak restoration measures and performed a good variety of forestry jobs. Unfortunately for me I haven’t been on a Rx fire since Covid-19 began. I do plan on going on some soon. I am really excited to get into research and studying Manoomin is great opportunity for a tribal forest hydrologist.