On The Hunt for Emerald Ash Borer

I was going to post this yesterday, but I totally forgot too! Sorry about that. 😳 Anyways, our time out at the pond was almost over, but Sheila (the one wearing the hat behind Kristina) spotted this log with tons of holes in it. She had Kristina and Mary (on the right) help her remove the bark and look for more holes in the tree to determine if this was caused by Emerald Ash Borer! Pretty scary!

On the Hunt

Gorgeous day….

Still no pictures from me. Sorry. But we got out to the site and it was the perfect day for being out in the forest. The rays of sunshine were dotting the forest floor, hitting the drops of dew that were still on the leaves. There was some breeze but not to strong and you could smell the earthiness. We finished the transects that we had started yesterday that was interesting, hhhmmm. Yippy skippy….. tomorrow we get to do the data mapping (fingers crossed) or the herbarium stuff. Nothing about this job is boring, always something different, everyday.