Team Namepin

Our undisturbed site has incurred some disturbance. #natural #blowdown

Also this pond has never fully been dried, vernal pools mostly dry up by fall, but not all of them fully dry. This one is one of those that has never fully dried until this year!





Team Namepin

Boozhoo Anishinaabedog! (Hello fellow humans), Our apologies for missing the video chat today and next week. We had some uncontrolled events occur at the beginning of our week which slowed down our GIS training.


We have recovered well from it, but have much more to do. Still plugging away. We will be back on the video chats 7/14/16, as next week we will be traveling to the Cedar Creek Research Station Symposium to present some of our work. So it is vitally important we get at least one of the mapping components done this week, with all of the troubles we had, we will be finishing out the week on a good note.


Looks like everyone is enjoying their internships, love reading all the posts!

Have a great holiday!