Rosebud Lake

This weekend I went to visit some people very dear to my heart at Rosebud lake, Montana. It was a six your drive but so worth it! We went hiking, went on the lake in a row boat, I failed at paddling, and we did jigsaw puzzles. Overall it was a wonderful weekend! 

Bears, oh my!

Yesterday I saw my first bear here in Montana! She was at one of our huckleberry sites with a cub and had no intention to leave. We will collect data there another day. .

Here is a picture of a tree that a bear market and some almost ripe huckleberries near a site, which were ingested for “research” purposes naturally. 

Bison Range

Two days ago the huckleberry crew went to the bison range. It was incredible to see the animals up close, especially the buffalo. It’s pretty surprising how the bison really don’t care about the cars and so what they want. They’re pretty chill dudes. My favorite part was seeing an elk for the first time!

One Week Down!

I had an exciting first week here in Pablo! Montana is gorgeous and I am thankful that we were able to get out into the field several days this week…even if it was a little chilly some days. I learned a few of the plants in the area including Lupin, heart leafed arnica, Ponderosa, bear grass, and of course, huckleberries. It was neat to see huckleberries for the first time and I look forward to eating them later in the season!