Creating Maps-TEAM SPAW-7/27/14

This week Char and I with the help of Loga and Rik, worked towards creating maps of the reservation. The reason we did this was because we are transferring our maps we brought to the interviews to the ones we create on GIS. So far we have created one of our maps, we still have another one to transfer. This next week will prove to busy for TEAM SPAW as we work towards finishing our papers, starting our posters, and analyzing our results. 

Montana summer days-Team SPAW-7/11/14

Well its been another wonderful week out here in Montana. Everyone on the team has been working hard on each of their projects. This week was especially wonderful for the cultural group working on Blue Camas since we had our first interviews. We originally just had 3 scheduled but turns out we interviewed 7 people instead! We had such positive feedback from the community which is a great feeling. I am gearing up to run my first half marathon (13.1 miles) this weekend and I just wanted to thank my roommates for all coming down to support me, it means a lot!

Powwow for Days:Team SPAW 7/4/14

Well just at the title says, its powwow time here in Montana! The 116th Annual Arlee Celebration is underway and I am having a great time! Today Char and I worked a stream table with Travis and Brandon for SKC it was basically to teach kids about water and stream flow. Overall it was great weather, good company, and of course another beautiful day in Montana.

GPR training in Montana


GPR training in Montana

Well, this is the first time I am posting to the blog! I have been having technical difficulties the past 2 times! So, this is an old picture of ground penetrating radar training that a few of the interns participated in and it was led by our PI Tony. It ended up being a beautiful day with a gorgeous view. To describe GPR…its like mowing the lawn without the grass being cut. But this device uses images to see below the ground. In the picture are Char on the left and Brandon in the middle. We all had a great time!

Team SPAW-June 20th-Fun in the sun

Boozhoo (Hello)

It has been a great second week in Montana! We had a rainy few days and did not do much field work but we worked on our papers that are due at the end of each week. Today Char and I went out with Tony and Brandon to learn how to do ground penetrating radar or GPR with archeological students and their mentor. It was pretty simple to set up but we had a lot of ground to cover so it took longer than expected. Before that, Tony gave a quick background and a how to on GPR. It helped and he also typed up a sheet we could use once we got out in the field. It turned out to be a nice day and we got the GPR done and processed the results right away. Have a great weekend everyone!