About mschultz1996

Hello I am from St. Ignatius, MT and I'm an undergraduate studying Hydrology at Salish Kootenai College (there's about 1200 students). For the summer of 2017, Camila and I are working with SRN's project known as Sustainable Healthy Cities. The goal here is to find how the density and distribution of urban farms contribute positively to the community's health. It is within my best interest to understand how these urban gardens may also improve water quality.


I didn’t end up making for the skatepark yesterday, buses are confusing also my phone’s battery life is tragic. Regardless the rest of the day was pretty awesome, thanks to some of the fellow REU students. We went for a pleasant bike ride around the Mississpi River. Plus the baby ducks were the greatest.

Week 1

On monday We visited the SAFL which was neat, also went to the Fond Du Lac reservation and were camp counselors for the science camp. Took a field trip to Lake Superior and even played “Sweep the Lodge”.Enjoying my stay here, the dorms are awesome, food is great, and the people I’m working with are even better. Looking forward to explore the city a bit this weekend, I just bought myself a bike. Once monday rolls around there are a few conference calls and Camila and I will get a better feel for our summer project. So far I know that the two of us will be looking into urban farming, I’m excited to apply Hydrology into this project.

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