this week at Luverne


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While I was surveying the control site for Culvert 59X09 a frog decided to observe me. This week I finished doing the habitat assessments at Luverne Minnesota. Now I’m working at entering data. Next comes the analyzing, that’s the part I’m looking really forward to. While I was out here this week I got to observe one of the minnows defending it’s little spot in the stream. I took video of the little defender but was not able to load it for posting. But we saw these little minnows and they didn’t mind the photos.

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I saw a bird


When I was out taking pictures last week on June 24, 2015 I saw this bird at the end of the stream lab at SAFL. I sent a copy of this picture to Janene Lichtenberg and she informed me  it is a Double Crested Cormorant.

From Marcy Mead

today we flood

The outdoor stream lab is flooded now. There are several people out there taking different readings of things like velocity, depths, phosphorus levels, and others.

This is what is going on outside.

DSCN0332I am the assistant photographer.

But mainly I am doing the background readings on my topic of the endangered Topeka shiner and the impacts of barriers in their passage. The barriers in our study are culverts which can be made of corrugated metal tubes or concrete barrels . This is a photo of a double barrel culvert at the first site we visited.2015_REU 004