Data and Analysis!

I’ve finally been given the go ahead to end my field work and start up on the data and analysis of all the water samples I’ve collected these past few weeks so now it’s time to buckle down (after Yellowstone of course) and get this paper done once and for all. Here I am working with Eric with the help of Dennis and his mapping skills to get a map done for my paper that shows my specific sampling sites. IMG_4133

4th of July Snakes!

This 4th of July I got to visit the beautiful McDonald Lake here in Montana with Ana and Janene and her fam. Got to cool off with some swimming and Ana found this cute lil snake! Here she is holding it, sorry but it wasn’t cute it enough for me to hold itIMG_4087


Here is a view from inside my room because I’m too scared to step outside. The weather has been up in the hundreds this past weekend here in Pablo, Montana. I tried to go out into some wetlands yesterday to collect samples at 8 am and by 9 am it was 90 degrees! and in case you didn’t know 90 degree weather and rubber waders are not a good combo. So I’ll stay inside for now hoping that the sun calms downIMG_4071 for the rest of the week.


This week Jon, Ana and I were given a tour of the water fowl foundation. It’s a cute little hideaway filled with ducks, cranes and more! Most importantly we got to have a look at some trumpet swans that are ready to be released into the wild. Here’s a momma and  daddy swan with their cute babies!

swans bitch