learning about GIS

Today we are learning the ropes of the geographic information system and are planning on making a nice map of the way points we collected at the site. It uses coordinates, data, location, and quadrants to make a good map. We got a quick basic over view of how to make a map and we are going to start tomorrow.

making plots

Today we went to the site and we were making plots and seeing how much ginger root is within the 1×1 meter grid. The spots we checked there was little to none covered in wild ginger. The most my group got was 5% wild ginger inside of the grid. We are noticing the wild ginger may be changing for good.

Namepin group


Hello, my name is Kyle Pemberton I am a recent graduate of Wha and now live in cass lake. I am enrolled in the Leech Lake reservation and am planning on going to school after this summer. I came to this internship to learn more about my culture and the plants, and learn how they help us. Its helping a lot because im keeping my brain fresh and learning for my up coming first year of college.