About krisham398

I am not a basic person. I love learning and having deep conversations about life and anything that seems cool. I love learning about my ways, even though I am drawn into the modern world. I am shy at first but after awhile I am kind of goofy! I love to laugh!

Fun on the run!


the Three best friends


Vince Being Crazy “50 Cent Crew Pose”



Well our group just got back from lunch. We have some good times. Now it’s time to get back to work! GIS mapping for days! It is really awesome that we are learning to create our own maps! It is all laughs and giggles with this group. I love it!

Plotting up the Forest


Yesterday and today we were collecting date on Namepin. My teammates and I were excited to get this information. Working outside in the morning has to be the best time, it isn’t to hot and it isn’t cold. Perfect weather for a a couple days out in the field! there was a lot of slash while collecting data. The picture where the trees look like they are a tipi, the is a home for the spirit of the forest. Also known as the Saabii (Wild Man/ Aka BigFoot). We found like 3 of these out at the disturbed site. It was a mind blower once we found out what lived here a few years ago.Snapchat-982950480317410802

Introducing me!

Boozhoo Anishinaabeg! Kristina Isham Indizhinikaaz, Mukade mukwa indoodem. Asibekoone’ zaaga’iganing nindoojiba, Chi-achaachaabaning Indaa.

Hello everyone! My name is Kristina Isham(I would tell you my Ojibwe name but I learned that you weren’t suppose to tell strangers your name) I am Black Bear Clan. I am from Nett Lake,  Mn but I live in Inger, Mn.

I graduated with my 2 year S.T.E.M degree from LLTC. I am leaning towards the medical field. I want to become a physical therapist, so I can help my people. I grew up in Grand Rapids. It was a cultural shift when I moved to Leech Lake Reservation. I am a pretty chill person, hard worker, and I love to laugh. I am kind of stubborn and shy at some moments.

I hopped onto this internship because it was an opportunity to explore more into the science related area’s. I have had a couple experiences out in the field and I enjoyed that part, but never had a chance to be apart of collecting, analyzing the data!  I am excited to be on this project! I honestly did not know of Wild Ginger Root until I started researching it! Being apart of the group makes me feel connected with my traditions, there are things that I never knew that my ancestors knew. I feel complete when I am learning about my ways.