Back to Work!

Today we went back to Fon Du Lac where we were part of a meeting focusing on a “NetZero Energy Building Design” after that,we went down to the field to check the solar panels and the Casino’s energy system. This place is really amazing and we are lucky to be able to learn and assist the different specialists. 

On our way…!

This first 3 days on our 2nd week at the lab have been pretty intense. Usually field work in the mornings and lab work in the afternoons. We are constantly on our feet and things are getting done which is always exciting!

Here is a photo of the Farm! Where we gather all our samples and data! It’s beautiful and warm during the mornings, excellent place to start the day!

The other photo is of one of the tanks with the different water columns. Each compartment, within each column,has at least one wild-rice seedling!

Week 1!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 5.58.55 PMSo far so good! The first week of the program has been full of laughter, amazing sights and even more amazing people which in a really short amount of time I have even started to miss. Us in the Duluth team had to stay behind while everyone else returned to Minneapolis but our research kind of makes up for it! Thursday and Friday after an awesome two days being mentors at the reservation camp, walking along Lake Superior playing awesome games, and eating awesome food, we met with our mentors to get a better idea of what we are going to be working on, we even got to plant some wild rice seeds in the farm! Super excited to be working alongside the Native American community to help such an important aspect of their culture and daily living!

Best Wishes to everyone!