Superior rhubarb

Forgot to make a post about this, but last week there was a Rhubarb festival in Duluth.  There was music about rhubarb, rhubarb pies, rhubarb merchandise, and so on.  Felt super minnesotan and wholesome.  I ended up buying a whole pie and sitting down by Lake Superior and ate half of it in one sitting.  It was great.

Found this photo that reminded me to make a post about it.


Lab work!

We started our first day of actual lab work yesterday.  Had to seal up chemicals in an oxygen free environment and vacuum out the rest of the gasses.  Sounds stale, but it meant we got to wear cool science-y gloves!  We’ll be doing more work out of the lab and on the farm today later this week.

Week 1

This previous week was really good. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into the program, but my time spent with my fellow participants has already been quite rewarding.  In the last week, we did a lot of driving around visiting areas and touring together.   That, along with the time spent playing games and collaborating with younger campers, made it quite easy to get to know my fellow REU participants.

The last day with the campers was particularly fun. The van I was in ended up being a blast. We were dancing in our seats and singing at the top of our lungs to various hits.  It was kind of sad for the four of us in the Zagaa’igan team to see them all go and leave for the next few weeks.