Monday 4 August, 2014 Team Zaaga’igan

Monday we moved out of our cozy cabin in the woods at the Forestry Center and into our dorms in Minneapolis. I found it kind of sad, us leaving our temporary homes for new ones, but I really do like our digs in the city. We have access to a lot more here, like Dinky Town and such. Ricky, Jesse and I walked into Dinky and had a late lunch then went back to our rooms. I’m looking forward to our last week when we get to spend time with the other teams and do some fun stuff together. 

Monday 21 July 2014. Team Zaagi’igan

Another task driven day in the lab. Jesse and I finished our diatom counts and put them into a spread sheet. Emilia made some more oil immersion slides to use for their own diatom count tomorrow. Then in the evening we had an AMAZING dinner of Corn soup and fry bread made by Ma’Ko’Quah on her birthday and a pretty damn good cake made by me. Overall it was a nice day and an even better evening.


First picture is of a microscope view. The large oblong pieces are diatoms.

Second Picture is Emilia grossly immersed in the drying process of oil immersion slides.





Team Zaagi’igan Monday June 30, 2014

Team Zaagi’igan worked in the Lac Core lab for the first time today. We took our core samples from Big Sandy lake and cut them length wise in half using a super awesome saw. One side we kept to examine and make slides from and the other side was processed and put into permanent cold storage. Once the Sandy cores were given to Ma’Ko’Quah and Ida to examine, the cores from Perch and Mud lake were brought out of cold storage to be identified and so that smear slides could be made for later use.

First Picture:Super Awesome Saw

Second Picture: Halved Perch Lake cores

Third Picture: Incomplete diagram of what processes have to be done before we can get to the Phytolith analysis stage.




Monday June 23, 2014

Today was the first day in lab for our group! We are getting excited about getting to work in the lab and start really getting into our project. The day started off with Chad going over how to use the microscopes and all of the different things we will be looking at through them. Once that happened we still didn’t know what we were seeing and had Chad running back and forth to help us. Taking notes and sketching pictures helped a lot. We definitely have more confidence recognizing different Phytoliths, Diatoms, and minerals under a microscope. I look forward to tomorrow and what I can learn next!

Picture: Emelia looking for phytoliths and Me (Jordan) taking very important notes.