It was so great to hear from all of you at the video conference yesterday morning. It sounds like everyone is really enjoying their research and I hope that this has been an amazing experience for all of you. I can certainly say that it has been for me! I’m started to get more and more excited to reconnect with each of you at the all team gathering and hear about the results of your research. Only a few short weeks left, so make them count!

Another Week Passed

This passed week Team Zaagi’igan officially deployed our peepers! (passive samplers.)


Now they will be left to equilibrate for the next few weeks before we go back to collect them. So excited to start working with Fond Du Lac this upcoming week.

This weekend Anjelica and I went to the Rhubarb festival and finally did some good exploring around Duluth. I’m in love with Lake Superior.

photo (1)

More Lab Time Today

Yesterday Anjelica and I finished assembling our peepers (passive samplers) and started them bubbling in nitrogen gas. They will bubble for about a week before we actually deploy them to get rid of all the oxygen. Today we helped out our friend Nick with the project that he is working on. I’m not sure the exact science behind what we were doing but basically we got to mix mud and sand together and put them in jars. Tomorrow Anjelica, Nate, (possibly Eddie), and I will be heading out to Fond Du Lac to check out the lakes where we will be deploying our peepers. Tomorrow will be our first day out in the field and we are very excited!