Hey, Bear!!


This past weekend I had the honor of facing my main concern coming out here to Montana.  A Sow and two cubs were within 10ft distance from me at Yellow Stone Park and I was just so amazed and nervous at the same time.  I stood my ground why the black bear was moving towards me,while my partner vanished back to the car..smh  This experience really made me realize that sometimes you can be your biggest threat.  We need to look are fears in the eyes and overcome them.

Dinner & Stories!


Hello All!!!! In this picture we have Brett (far left), Kenn in the white, Ana in the plaid, and Pat in the Sea-Hawks shirt.  So what you are witnessing is some of the TEAM SPAW interns on Tony’s ( our supervisor) deck after a beautiful BBQ chicken dinner with baked potatoes, corn, and salad.  We were invited over for dinner to talk about the Yellow Stone trip this weekend but uhh… we didn’t mention one word  about that topic; we were all just so hungry. After digging into the food with full tummie, we decided to chill outside for a bit and then Pat decided to talk about his adventure becoming the champion of a chicken wing eating contest were he engulfed 71 wings.  Oh.. Also we have Tony’s dog, whom Ana is petting. Sorry, I don’t know its name.  Whelp, that’s all for now folks!

Bon Appetit ;)


Hello my fellow people! This past week I went to Seattle,Washington were I spent time with my girlfriend and her family.  Well, of course all good things must come to a end.  So upon my departing from Seattle to come back here to Montana for my internship with TEAM SPAW.  Patrick Feller a fellow TEAM SPAW member and his girlfriend Bonnie treated me to breakfast on a train cart diner in Spokane.  It turned out to be pretty delicious, what you are looking at is a scrumptious waffle and chicken plate with pecan caramel sauce.   MMMM…MMM…GOOOD!!



This is TEAM SPAW out for lunch at an Amish Cafe in Ronan after a meeting with the SALISH PEND D’ OREILLE culture commitee.  We were so hungry, the heat in Montana is exhausting!  So in this picture you have from left to right kenn, Ana, Pat, and Lucy…Then me and Janene’s long flowing hair as well.



This is Dan one of TEAM SPAW’S trusty drivers.  He also happens to be a math professor :(.  Anyway, Dan decided to give me a hand by holding my multi-parameter probe in the water at the outlet canal  of the Kicking Horse Reservoir  for 5 minutes! While I took a sample of the water to test the turbidity.  He doesn’t know that he was doing the hard work ;).



Last Friday some of us from TEAM SPAW went to the Bison Range to see the beautiful wildlife. Where we decided to walk a small trail that over looked the valley. Then we decided to take a group selfie the old fashion way without a selfie-stick will the sun is beaming down right above us. Yup, I think it worked out well! #Selfie

Eric in the hat, Kenn hiding in the back, Lucy in the plaid, Ana in the Grey behind Lucy, and Janene who is one of our Leaders in the short-sleeve red shirt.