Sweet Detour

After collecting data from a huckleberry site we took a hike to the waterfall that was nearby. It was so cool and creepy. If I slipped, I would fall into the water below, so I tried to walk carefully. The sight thought was so worth it.

St. Ignatius

On the way back to campus our mentor took us on a detour to St. Ignatius. It was such a beautiful sight. The water looked so pure, and as I crouched over it, I could see many smooth, round rocks. I ran my fingers over the surface of the water, and it felt cool. I felt a sudden urge to jump in, but I didn’t want to spend the rest of the car ride soaked. The best part though was the view of the mountains. Hopefully, I get to go back there and kayak. 

Beautiful Mountains

Hiking up Montana mountains is super cool. It is definitely a different kind of experience. The folks here tell me a lot of stories about their instances with bears in the mountains. The instances sound pretty frightening, but I honestly hope I get the chance to see a Black bear or a grizzly bear from a distance at least. I also heard stories about how mountain lions like to stalk people as they hike. I’m not super fond about that. 😖 Either way, the landscape here is gorgeous. Here is a picture of the view on one of our hiking trips through the mountains. 


Day one of checking out huckleberry sites was so cold but day two was much warmer! It feels so adventurous to hike up mountains and pass through areas of dense vegetation. I am learning to identify different kinds of plants as we go, and I have beargrass and lupin ingrained in my memory now. Can’t wait for the next adventure!