072214 Macros at the Bison Range


Tuesday we had the opportunity to go the the Bison Range and teach a group of student from all over south east Asia about clean water and macro invertebrates. We had a great time collecting the critters and even found some cray fish. We had lunch with them and answered many of their questions not just about water but life of college students in America. 

Later that evening Jenna, Natasha, Minnie and I ventured back to the Bison Range and did the tourist thing, it was a great end to the day.IMG_6100 

Settling settling settling…


This week we had a great opportunity to take a tour of Kerr Dam and to go to the Water fowl foundation on Monday. Tuesday, Jenna and I working in the lab all day running chemical analysis on our soil samples, for the PH we have to allow the sediment to settle and then extract the clear liquid. As you can see that after a week of sitting we didn’t have clear liquid, an alternative method using a PH meter was used. Over all the week has been successful on the fun and work front.

First week in Montana!

Great first week in Montana, started with meeting super cool people from all over the country, and returning to this gorgeous place. Met with advisers,  toured SKC, and even had a field day to see our research sites.

We have a great team, can’t wait to work with them all and have a blast with Blue Camas!