From the field to now

This week Team SPIRIT converted our data about Spirit Island to a computer code in Python. Spirit Island is represented on the left, where the red line comes out of. The image on the right is the bathymetry of Spirit Lake along that red line. This is the first major step in learning how wave erosion influences Spirit Island throughout time.Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.54.50 PM

Pythons and Pandas and Spiders, oh my!

Well, not quite the animals…  but we are using programming softwares with these wacky animals names to develop a computer program the Fond du Lac tribe can use to quantify the erosion of Spirit Island on a day to day basis — luckily there are only deer and small rodents on Spirit Island!

First weekend exploring Minneapolis

As an avid biker and nature lover, the many miles of bike paths in Minneapolis led to great adventure this weekend! On Friday we checked out the West River Parkway (a giant bike path along the city) and hung out by Minnehaha Falls for a quick water break. Then on Saturday we explored the East River Parkway and were stopped in our tracks by a mamma turtle laying her eggs! Minneapolis offers a great balance between nature and urban life 🙂