Another Week, Another Wetland

Measuring DO at the inlet

Measuring DO at the inlet

This time around we visited the Lost Marsh Wetland measuring DO and discharge and collecting water chemistry and vegetation samples. After two days of wading through thick vegetation and some mucky water, we were able to collect data from a little over 20 sites. Despite the difficulty of navigating the wetland, I’m going to miss being out in the field next week. Exploring the wetland is fun and tiring all at the same time.

The first wetland

Ailsa and I out on the boat

Ailsa and I out on the canoe

Watching the canoe anxiously while it slides on the roof

We got to go on our first field trip to the wetland last week. Ailsa and I took the canoe out to collect samples of vegetation/depth/water chemistry out in open water. The canoeing was great! The problem was transporting it.

Go Team

Marking off the cross section

Marking off the cross section

Andrea and I quickly had a system going as we worked through each sample site. Sample the water, tape off the edges of the water, grab the ADV that Amy set up, take velocity readings in the cross section. Surprisingly, despite hours of sampling, I still loved seeing what site we would end up at next. The variety of vegetation, culverts, and water quality was so interesting. I can’t wait to take the data/samples back to the lab and see what all we’ve gathered from two long days in the field!

Desk work

week 2

Had a ton of fun doing field work these past couple of days. Now that I’m back at my desk, I’ve got to try and finish boat training and draft my abstract so I’m prepared for the wetland we will be sampling next week!