Aspen Jaeger

I first heard of this REU through a previous member who suggested I apply, and I’m so glad I did. As of writing this, we are only 2 weeks in but I have already had such a good time and have learned so much. My project is still rather undecided but will likely be focused around bumble bee foraging patterns and their preferences between huckleberry and false azalea.

I lived in Buffalo, MN until I was 18, but I feel I really grew up in Northern MN at my cabin. My cabin is located on the Leech lake reservation on Round Lake. I spent most of my summers and any other free time here, fishing, swimming, and otherwise getting into trouble off in the woods. I now live in Montana and love it just as much (maybe even a little more) than Minnesota.

I moved to Montana to pursue my bachelor’s degree in forestry in 2018 but soon realized that I also found the wildlife and fisheries management program offered at SKC. Since adding the second program into my plan I have been a part of 2 internships and a work-study position, all of which were amazing. The first internship I did was comparing the methods of testing for aquatic invasive species eDNA, the second was helping with the REU and my work-study position was a writing tutor and general help around the department.

Most of my family still lives in Minnesota, including my mom, dad, and my younger brother. I don’t have a ton of cultural aspects of my life besides a bit of Norwegian but we do have traditional meals for holidays and we always make lefsa every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Out here in Montana, I spend most of my time out exploring the roads and trails near my house. I go on a lot of driving and kayaking adventures and am always looking for new and cool places to check out. If the weather doesn’t permit adventuring, I am at home playing piano, guitar, singing, or drawing and painting. I have lots of hobbies so I always have something to keep me busy. I also take care of what could be considered too many house plants, a few fish and, my cat, Linden.