Cully Hauck

Hi! My name is Cully Hauck and I am a rising junior at St. Olaf College. My majors are biology and environmental studies, with an emphasis in natural science. The research fields I have worked in most are forest ecology, limnology, and biogeochemistry. As an interdisciplinary student, I have also studied climate rhetoric and youth climate movements in the Norwegian Department. In my free time, I swim butterfly and freestyle on the men’s Swimming & Diving team and sing tenor 1 in the St. Olaf Choir.

At my home in Northfield, Minnesota I live with my family of seven and we have two golden retrievers named Haven and Juniper. My dad is a swim coach and my mom teaches high school art. I have a set of triplet siblings, Tatum, Signe, Marcus, who are all state-level swimmers, and my youngest sister Josie is involved in Track & Field and has starred in multiple local theater productions.

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