Week 3

Weather was poor Monday, but it gave me some time to look into research methods and devise one that would work well with my questions and our study area. Luckily Tuesday was nice and so we could get out into Kickinghorse and finally start working on my research methods. Most of the day was still designated to figuring out which method would work best but I think we finally got it hammered out. Established four focal survey plots and did focal surveys for each. Did not get a whole lot of activity though, hoping for more next week. Wednesday was another lab day/ catch up, had to revise my methods section of my paper. Thursday was gloomy and rainy so again couldn’t get out into the field. With all the lack of excitement this week I’m glad I’m going to Seeley Lake, MT tomorrow for a music festival, and to do a bunch of kayaking and hiking hopefully (weather permitting).

One of the sample sites we’ll be monitoring for bumble bees. (Lupinus sericeus)
An osprey munchin on a delicious bass.

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