Me not dropping 300 dollars into the water

Putting my core sample in the bin, the triumphant moment after my third try (as Alex probably breathes a sigh of relief that I didn’t drop expensive equipment)

This week has been an equally busy and exhausting week, with Monday being the equally calm and boring eye of the storm. Trainings and readings took up my day before a BBQ at one of our mentors place where we met everyone on the project. Then it was time to pack up before we left at 7:00 in the morning for 3 days of field work. It was a four hour drive to the Lac du Flambeau reservation in Wisconsin, a solid two and a half hour drive from my home (so close, yet so far away). The first day we went straight to a site where I was able to watch the coring process and then begin learning about the different samples we would take and how to use the different methods. The next day we held a workshop at the same site for tribal members and I was able to actually get a core sample. Thursday, instead of coring, the other interns and I utilized our newfound skills in setting up and taking the samples from the cores. The days were long, but the good company and the intro to field work really made them fun.

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