Week 1

Glacier was a great success! Orientation and meeting new acquaintances could not have gone better. While I must admit attending classroom seminars in such a pristine wilderness was a little difficult stay seated, I can confess I did learn a lot of great information about what SLAWR represents, goal setting, and grizzly bears. Although the park is only right down the road from me, I had never spent so much quality time there with such great company, the early morning fishing trips were the highlight of my week, especially the one to Rocky Point, which was probably the most beautiful fishing hole I have ever been to. I was presently surprised by the friendliness and great character of the Minnesota teams, and look forward to seeing them again soon.Friday marked SLAW’s first official day in the field. The sites we went to were so picturesque it didn’t feel like we were working. Throughout the day we completed focal surveys, bee captures, plant phenology monitoring, and a rapid site assessments. I’m looking forward to start working on my own research questions next week

Unknown Bombus species

One eyed sphinx moth Smerinthus cerisyi

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