Hello, Goodbye Montana

It’s amazing to think that just a week ago I was in Okoboji Iowa where I spent a month getting to know new people and building stronger connections with many familiar faces. I had an amazing time there, on the “Iowa Great Lakes”, but I remember thinking about and feeling how comfortable I was. Few times in my life have I left Iowa, a banal locus of comfort and contentment. I was excited to travel over 1,000 miles to a unfamiliar land of bears, cougars, and mountain goats!

I was greeted at the airport with this sign. Looking out the window, I saw the mountains in the distance like a old movie set. I excitedly took pictures not knowing how beautiful the park was going to be.
This is the first group photo we took entering the park. We didn’t know each other’s names yet. I was also having an allergy attack, a nose bleed, and has half deaf from the plane :D.

Evening field trip to Goat’s Lick. There were beautiful views and got to watch mountain goats with their kids climb the rocky terrain.

Waking up early to go fishing with new friends! This was the first time I have fished since I was in elementary school.
The end of our trip. After spending a week with each other we began to understand why each of us are here, our unique qualities, and formed inside jokes. There is a huge difference between the picture we took in front of this sign at the beginning and end of the week! (Check out the park ranger in the back ready to shoo us off).

I had amazing time experiencing the beauty of the park and getting to know everybody! We are all from different places and have different backgrounds, but we are all here for a reason and have more in common than not. I really appreciated this introduction to the next couple of months! I am excited for everything to come. I can’t wait to be reunited with everyone again!

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