Mountains and Planes and Bears, Oh My!

Group photo up at Avalanche Lake, like no big deal, we just hiked up to a really cool place in an hour or so.

This week has been an adventure, first going from Wisconsin, then a night in Minneapolis, and then a couple days in Montana and now back in Minneapolis. I felt like a giant pinball going back and forth. I hardly know what to say about this week. My phone has about a 100 more photos and I have about a 100 more ideas stuffed into my head. Being a tourist was nice but finally getting started on what I’ll be doing this summer is also nice. Actually that’s a lie, I finally got to go to Glacier National Park.

In general, this was a great introduction to kick off the rest of my summer in Minneapolis now. Next on deck, is further introductions to mentors and the project as well getting ready for field work next week.

Paddle boarding on Lake McDonald with new friends

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