Team Stream Update <3

Last week, Team Stream went out and collected another round of sediment and water samples for analysis, as well as downloading surface and groundwater data from our instruments. This week is all about running as many of my analyses as possible so I have some good data for my paper and poster. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few snaffus with instruments, so tomorrow is going to be a long day running AVS, sediment iron extractions, and hopefully, cations! The next day should be anions and phosphate for our new samples, and then hopefully, if we have time, head to the other campus and gas chromatography to get aqueous sulfide in porewater samples. All these values are super helpful to build a story about why wild rice is so sparse on Big Rice Lake, so the more I have, the better!

Enjoy some pretty pics from the last few weeks- getting excited to finish up stuff and see everyone here in the cities next week! Good luck with the final push, everyone!

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