Adventures and Lab work!

This week was pretty fun! I found a secret bookstore, hiding in Dinkytown. I graciously relieved them of a few books. Also, Team STREAM presented our preliminary research at the One Water Summit, held at the St. Anthony Falls Lab in Minneapolis on Tuesday. The second picture is Diana telling the crowd a little bit about our program, and there’s a great picture of us in front of our poster on LeAnn’s post!

On Wednesday, some of us went out for game night at a local brewery. So far, we’ve been schooled in “Egyptian Rat-Screw”, “B-S”, and the Panda game is still a crowd fave. I’m not sure what the next social event will be, but this was certainly one for the books! On my way to the bus stop a few days later, I saw Sally the Gopher, outside a bar and had to snap a pic, along with the pollinators’ paradises: the mural above Starbucks and the “M” on the St. Paul campus.

Finally, this week was my first two days in the chemistry lab, getting to be a master-pippetter so that I can start processing some field samples from Big Rice Lake (and hopefully others). The styro-foam tray is the one of the fruits of my labor. These little cuvettes go into a UV-Vis to test for phosphate levels in some 2017 field samples. Though I’m not looking specifically at phosphate, I was relieved that we got some reasonable readings off these little guys that someone else will be able to use. Now I’m excited to see what next week brings!

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