Minneapolis/Oklahoma Shenanigans

This week was pretty eventful! Over last weekend I made a quick trip to Oklahoma to surprise my family for our tribe’s Family Reunion Festival and powwow. I got to go through the newly renovated Cultural Heritage Center, and visit my family’s allotment for the first time. (The owner had the fluffiest dog!!!) I was really excited to go to the Heritage Center and see a whole exhibit devoted to wild rice (or menomen in Potawatomi)! The diorama looks suspiciously like where we did field work last week 🙂

Zhaazhaa, Kim and I also did some Fourth of July celebrating near the Stone Arch bridge (over the Mississippi River). There was a great band, singing songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, so there was plenty of singing along and dancing before the fireworks were set off at 10.

This coming week hopefully has some more local adventures to be had. So far, I’ve found a great little used bookstore to stock up on books, and a new coffee shop to enjoy said books, but I think we are all going to make a little more of our time here and explore the city.  I will be working on processing our sediment and water samples from our field work and get some preliminary results! Anyway, have a good week everyone!


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