Independence Day

This weekend was especially long because of the Fourth of July on Tuesday. We put our extra time to good use though, and spent it out on the town. Our friends from Team Za’gaaigan from up in Duluth came down to visit and it was awesome to all be together again! On Saturday we visited the Midtown Global Food Market for some authentic cultural food, and then walked into Uptown. On our way there, we stumbled into a Somalia Day festival, complete with alpacas and traditional Somalian dancing.

On Sunday, the group went out to Lake Calhoun. It felt great to relax by the lake and you could ALMOST make believe it might have been the ocean. ALMOST. It was pretty crowded though, and I’d probably like to go back on a different day that wasn’t the holiday weekend.

Finally, on Tuesday night we went to see the fireworks at Stone Arch Bridge.We ended up seeing them from a trail that goes down near the water in the woods, so it was definitely a new perspective! But When in Minneapolis on the Fourth of July, I guess it’s almost required that you watch the Stone Arch Bridge fireworks. Overall, it was a fun time, and I haven’t actively gone to see fireworks  for a few years, so it was awesome to finally be able to!

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