Open Minds

Well I’m sitting here at UMD. Its about 6pm. I’ve been here for a while. Reading over these case materials and studies sure has left me with more questions than answers. I’m reading 50+ year old materials and I cannot help but think how people’s viewpoint today about Native american intelligence is still the same. ([ Unlesss it is modernized it will never be accepted ] The quest for greater knowledge, requests the respect of knowldge in all of its forms. Otherwise your quest has stopped.)  They used many tests that they have procured within their own culture and applied it to us. When we “failed” in the standardized tests they gave us drawing tests, a test that ‘doesn’t envolve a language barrier’. The culture barrier is there though, and it still is here today.

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About Crystal

I wanted to be a graphic design artist since I was 12 years old. Until I was a junior in high school; when I realized even though I may love art and it is my forte it won't help my people in the way I want. I realized going to school to become an educated artist was kind of really selfish. I love my people and I'm sick of the injustices we still face today. Law has always intrigued me and law is the new battlefield.

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