Weekend at Yellowstone

Over the past weekend Team Spaw went to Yellowstone on a trip. There were a great many things I loved about the park except for one, the stench of sulfur. At times it almost made me gag. I did have a problem when they set me in the back seat and we went over the mountains, I got motion sickness really bad to the point that we needed to buy dramamine to take care of it. If you love geology then Yellowstone is the place to go. I enjoyed the trip very much and the icing on the cake was when I got a picture of a wolf. The downside was all the tourist it was so crowded at time and it is a shame that most of them went through the park with selfie sticks trying to get a picture with them in it. Sometimes it was so bad that they ignored the rules and got off the board walks and onto the thermal active area that has a thin crust, so I took pictures of the people who did it and I am posting them to the park pages to people shame to try to get people to pay attention. IMG_6228 - Copy

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