Off to our undisturbed site:

Today whist trekking the road to our new site, I saw a bear eating raspberries on the side of the road. (pictured above)  It was a very close encounter, but we’re all safe. Hahaha jk but I really did see a bear on my way into work this morning. There was a tree down on the road that lead to the site(so I decided to pose with it) so we had to park and venture on foot. The bugs at this site were absolutely HORRIBLE, and we were only walking on the road. Not 6very excited right now about that part but hey, science maaan. To be honest my favorite part about my internship is the stories I get to hear, as well as the different medicine plants/ eatable plants I’m learning about. We all carry different knowledge that we have collected over our years in life and its really awesome that we get to learn from each other. The science part is very interesting collecting data and going over it. Never thought I would be an intern for science, you know ’cause I’m planning on going into law school and what not. I’m enjoying my time learning about my homelands ecosystems in a “scientific” way. I say “scientific way” because I know we as anishinaabeg understand these things in our own way that our ancestors passed down to us. It feels like learning how to speak a different language, because I can correlate these “modern ways” to the kjnfbgjknknowledge I already know. The more modern way of thinking kind of trips me out though, nature will always balance it’s self out you just have to let it action is not always required.While on my path of education one of my main focuses will be protecting our ways of life and bringing anishinaabe sciences to light. It time for society to stop seeing our way of life as nothing but myths, legands, and start to see them for that they really are. They are our moral philosophy, they are who we are spiritually, it is our science, and in our stories all are connected. Through the eyes of an anishinaabeg it is a way of life. Not a science, but we live in the modern world and in the modern world everything needs to be documented physically otherwise it is not accepted. So here we are Seven generations later.

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About Crystal

I wanted to be a graphic design artist since I was 12 years old. Until I was a junior in high school; when I realized even though I may love art and it is my forte it won't help my people in the way I want. I realized going to school to become an educated artist was kind of really selfish. I love my people and I'm sick of the injustices we still face today. Law has always intrigued me and law is the new battlefield.

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