Indigenous Research Symposium

wefGoing to this research symposium was a great eye opener for me. I didn’t realize that outside of the native community that anybody really cared about indigenous sciences. Let alone are interested to see how Native Americans specifically connect to the land as well as how we see the connection between everything. The people I had encountered where very open minded and listened to what I had to say. They took notes and incorporated it into their own knowing. I believe I helped change some peoples views on how our culture isn’t just folklore as outside people see it. Our culture is a science, it is a moral philosophy, and it is spiritual. In an indigenous way of thinking all three are connected together as one, because all three of those aspects are being put to use when you are out in the woods gathering. Our teachings have science in them on how to take care of the land; they have a story behind it to teach you about morals, as well has how to go about in a respectful way towards the plants basically connecting with them. Our religion as some would call it, is about respecting the connection of everything and maintaining it. – MCG.

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About Crystal

I wanted to be a graphic design artist since I was 12 years old. Until I was a junior in high school; when I realized even though I may love art and it is my forte it won't help my people in the way I want. I realized going to school to become an educated artist was kind of really selfish. I love my people and I'm sick of the injustices we still face today. Law has always intrigued me and law is the new battlefield.

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