First Trip to Fond du Lac

Wild rice plants are doing well at one of the restoration sites on Perch Lake.


The wild rice is now in the early stages of the emergent phase which is highly vulnerable to strong storms that cause flooding and wind gusts that can topple the young shoots
Blueberries are starting to ripen near Rice Portage lake.

The trip to Fond du Lac was a unique and memorable experience for team Zaaga’igan. Our guide Tom H. was very knowledgeable of the history, culture, and ecological significance of wild rice and the Anishinaabe people of the Great Lakes region. Overall we received lots of background information about tribal natural resource management which was a great way to learn more about why it is important to revise the current sulfate water quality standards for the protection of wild rice in Minnesota. Wild rice stands are an excellent habitat for developing juvenile fish, as well as feeding and resting stops for migratory waterfowl. Tribal lands here in Minnesota host an outstanding environmental habitat for the abundance of fish, wildlife, and surface water that is vital to sustaining the cultural resources and recreational activities in which we depend on to achieve the mino-bimaadizi – the good life.

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