A cold wet morning

So this morning we went out to our site at 5:30 trying to beat the rain. We were there maybe 15 minutes before the sky opened up, but since we had already had the grid laid out and everything set up we went ahead and ran the scan hoping the rain would soon depart. Unfortunately it rained all the time we were there and then the rain followed us back. Normally I would not mind the rain so much but it was 48 degrees out at the time and it soaked through my hoodie, my hat and my boots. I am thankful it did not soak my pants. One thing we were worried about was that the pooling water on the surface would mess up the radar. So when we got back to SKC we checked the data on the computer and so far it does not look like it but we will not know further until we run the filters and remove the background echos.

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