Mapping and Invasives

Hello once again! I totally forgot to post this yesterday. I gotta step my game up, guys! Anyways, today we finally started creating our own maps. That was sooooo cool and fun! I had a great time learning what all the buttons did, how to make the map look all nice and ~pretty~, and seeing the finished product and being astonished about how professional it looked! It was nice 😀 We’re going to continue learning how to map today, but we also had  a presentation on earthworms the other day! I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know! I knew that earthworms were an invasive species, but I didn’t know that every single one living in the state of Minnesota(except for one aquatic worm) are invasive! We also learned how earthworms affect forests and why it can be bad for them, especially hardwood trees! It was a very fun, educational experience, and I think we might be continuing the presentation today! Hope everyone has a wonderful morning!!! 😀

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