this makes me growl, and makes me want to chew on the side of my computer…. but eventually I will get it (deep breathe). I hope.  This just is so frustrating at times but I keep telling myself I can do this…..I can do this.  I can make a map that has my personality in it. On the bright side, we had lunch at Howie’s today…. thank you very much Sheila. That was a good bonding experience for all of us. And we are going to St. Paul, can you say mini road trip. Woohoo, this should be fun, looking forward to doing something I haven’t done EVER………..laters……..

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About atheena2020

Boozhoo to anybody reading this, my name is not atheena2020 it's just Anita, I like what the name represents for me. Anyhoo, I just graduated from the Leech Lake Tribal College, looking forward to going on with my education in environmental science. I'm transferring to a four-year institution to finish. This is my very first time blogging, so I feel a bit awkward. I really don't have a lot to say, I'm mostly a boring and nerdy person. And P.s., I do not have a profile picture yet. If you haven't already noticed. Well this is about it. Have a great day.

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