GIS Mapping!

Well yesterday we had started our GIS mapping(creating our own maps) on our locations we had been observing prior to the week before.  Well I was very excited! Anyways all was going well up on until around 10:00 my Arc App wasn’t working. (Map Maker) So I had ended up switching computers three times until i finally got it all working and set up. 5 minutes in I was moving my feet around and kicked the smallest little switch and not only did I turn off my computer but the guy next to me.(Kyle, still so sorry man)  I felt so horrible. all  my work. Unsaved. Lost.  Well I had to leave and get some air, not gonna lie I cried a little. Anyways Kyle got his map back to where was. Remember guys ALWAYS save your work. Well today’s a new day! Time to try again! 

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About Victorious

Hello, my name is Victorious, you can call me Tori. I'm from Minnesota, I'll be heading to California for music. I'm thinking about college but honestly as long as I'm singing and people are happy or moved by my music, that's all I want. Even if that means I'm at a bar singing at 1am in New York, I wouldn't want anything else After this summer. I love to sing. I'm 18. I'll be 19 in November. I have an awesome bunny named Ash but i just call him Peanut or Bun Bun. If you got any questions are want to communicate just email me or message me on facebook.

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