Success finally

Woohoo! I just reset my password and am now officially able to enter my daily reports. I was having the most difficult time trying to login, but now I am found. Lots of interesting things happening with our group, we are hopefully going to Cedar Creek to do a presentation with what we have discovered so far. Exciting times to say the least, a chance to get away and see how things are done in the scientific world. We have yet to discover the undisturbed site on the Cuba Hill road. I am beginning to think it’s a most magical place filled with Unicorns and Bigfoots frolicking in the afternoon sun; we shall see.

Lots of other topics going on the world today ; people are getting arrested in Hawaii for protesting the placement of a telescope on their sacred grounds. Undisturbed land that has been set aside for spiritual purposes, now to be trampled and ruined without a thought for the wildlife and land. Last year the delegates for the Hawaiian college were here and they put on a show with their dances and gift giving. Which I thought was really cool, they travelled here with the intent to bring gifts and foster a community spirit. Traditional practices for when you visited  to bring gifts and promote good medicine by eating  with that person or persons. Our school was totally unprepared as far as gift giving, so I went home and brought in beadwork that I used in an art show once that took second place, and a huge medallion I made that also took second place at AIHEC in Montana 2014. They were very happy to say the least, so I can honestly say that I feel for these people. What made their visit even more amazing was how our stories and beliefs in Mermen or Merwomen were almost exactly alike, they felt a special closeness to us after they had found out. They said that at one time this land was all covered by water and the possibility of Mermen and woman was very possible, but for us way up North in the middle of the deep woods still believed in such things was amazing. It just showed that even thought we are from totally different topographic areas we still have a connection that ties us together our legends.

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Boozhoo niindinawe maaganidoog my name is Vincent Morris I am from Leech lake Reservation, I am of the Loon clan and also a Pillager. I recently graduated from LLTC with my Associates degree and will be attending BSU this fall for Biology.

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